A Terrorist Awakening 

What better reason to detonate

Than the preference of a different book?

No thoughts as you assassinate.

Did you stop to take a look?


Avoiding all the powerful

In your mindless quest of hate,

Choosing not to harm authorities,

But children as young as eight.


Religion not in the hearts and minds

Of the many that you kill.

Brainwashed, you send you’re own in blind

And obliterate us still.


Maybe you hate our politics,

Dislike the ‘Western Fever’.

But we don’t control our government’s ways

And not keen ourselves either.


Your indirect terrorist approach

Leaving families incomplete,

Tears streaming nationwide,

But your target still in their seat.


On the pictures of your victims,

They had arms and legs, like you.

We’re all the same, the whole world round,

Wake up and smell the brew.

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