First post of ‘Life, People and Observations’ and what’s to come…

Hi everyone!!

Welcome to the first post of my new writing journey.

Firstly, a little about myself.

My name is Paul, I’m 33 years old, and an English literature student. I currently work full time hours, on night shifts, to pay my way in life until my career options are more in line with my desires and, although I expect my options to open up once I’ve graduated from University, I intend to express my thoughts and inspirations about life’s weird and ‘wonderful’ things (and people) over my remaining four years of study. Who knows? I might even open up my options sooner by doing this.

Most people know me for my sense of humour (I love nothing more than exaggerating things to the absolute ridiculous), and not many people seem to notice my deeper and more observant side so much. In fact I’ve heard the words: “Paul, I’d love front seat tickets to what goes on in your mind” on more than one occasion. Due to what actually does go on in my mind I had the opportunity to try stand up comedy in 2012 (5 years ago) when I performed at two charity gigs and attended several times at a small comedy club on the northeast comedy circuit. This is where my passion for writing really began.

I’m not just the joker though, just so you know! I’m also a very deep thinker. I feel things are never quite as they actually seem, and I get an equal amount of satisfaction in understanding people’s hidden thoughts and intentions as I do with going miles over the top with nonsensical statements and twisted realities.

So, the purpose of me creating this blog is to write about all the weird and ‘wonderful’ people we come across every day. I aim to help people understand what people are really thinking as they hide their feelings and thoughts behind their actions, and who knows? I might even throw in a little stupidity here and there.

I hope you all LOVE every word of the upcoming posts and you invite all the masses along to enjoy them also.

Have a class day!!

~ Paul

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